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Watch Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Launch Its New Shepard Rocket

On Tuesday, the Amazon founder's space company will send a rocket aloft carrying nine NASA payloads on a suborbital flight.

A New Disease Is Testing Us for the Next Global Epidemic

As perplexing to diagnose as it is to treat, acute flaccid myelitis may foreshadow whether our surveillance systems could uncover a severe epidemic.

The Benefits of Eating Fake Meat Go Beyond Sustainability

You probably know that ditching meat from your diet is healthier and better for the planet. But what if it were better for your wallet? Or schedule?

How Dense Does a Body Have to Be to Break a Concrete Floor?

Solve this *Captain America* physics puzzle.

The Iran Hacks Cybersecurity Experts Feared May Be Here

An uptick in potentially Iran-related hacking since the nuclear deal collapsed spells trouble for the US and allies.